• Emma Simpson

Shopping Trip for The Food Bank

As grateful as we all are for children and families generosity with gifts over the Christmas period we wanted to offer an alternative option of making a donation to our food bank money box instead this year. We felt this would support the children’s understanding about giving as well as receiving at this time of year. To support the children with this idea we arranged a trip to Morrison’s to buy the food ready to donate. We made a shopping list before leaving, we had some really good ideas, pasta, beans, biscuits, breadsticks and much more. As you can see many of the children carried their lists around to refer to as we walked up and down the isles, there were many other very tempting items as we walked around which found their way into our basket too this was great as we felt that some people would be as grateful as us to have them. The children were all fantastic listeners as it’s very hard to stay as part of a group when there are so many distractions. Before we knew it it was time to go to the check out where the children placed the items on the conveyor belt and some packed the other end.