• Emma Simpson

Pumpkin Picking at Court Farm

Pippins were in for a real treat this morning, we all travelled by mini bus to Court Farm Tillington where we found hundreds of pumpkins 🎃. The children were so excited at the thought of just travelling on the mini bus, but being greeted by all of the funny scarecrows with pumpkin heads and the odd tractor ploughing up the field they were over the moon. The children all explored the pumpkin field discovering all kinds of shapes sizes, colours and textures, some where light enough to carry and others were so big that we couldn’t lift them. It was such an adventure as we splashed and squelched in the ooooozy mud and unwrapped the corn on the cob to see what was inside. Very surprised to find a ladybird tucked away in one. We chose some pumpkins and took them to be weighed, some children were keen to pay and receive change others were keen to sit on top of the hay bales and watch the sprayer and tractor in the field. After lunch it was so special to discover what was inside the pumpkin, as you can see the children have been scooping mixing and collecting up the seeds for next year.