• Emma Simpson

Our new forest school waterproofs have arrived!

The lambs have arrived in the orchard and we couldn't wait to get out to say hello. They were very cute, we watched as they drank milk from their mummy and skipped around the field as we sang Baa baa black sheep. We found some catkins on the tree which we thought looked just like their little tails wiggling.

The outdoors is such a great space to promote new language and encouraging discussions about the changes around us and what will happen next. We heard such a lot of wonderful discussions about how to look after the lambs and keep them safe. 

"We need to stay away and keep quiet because we might scare them"

"They're only little so they still need some milk from their mummy"

It was very wet and squelchy under foot and the farmer had been out in his truck leaving some very muddy and very wet tracks.

The children all had the best fun jumping, wading and splashing.

It really put our physical skills to the test, showing off skills used to climb, balance, walk on uneven ground, jump and land on two feet and judge distances and spaces.

We all got back to preschool and hung up our very muddy and wet waterproofs to dry for the next time.