• Emma Simpson

Orchard Visit

The children have been so happy to be in the orchard now Autumn is on its way. It offers an abundance of learning opportunities for all of our children. Many of the children have discussed how they have experienced picking apples at home or in their garden, others have been helping family members in the orchards on the farm on tractors and loading lorries. These discussions offer a lot of new and exciting language as well as passing on knowledge of differing family backgrounds and cultures.

The children have been collecting the apples, exploring colour, size and shape and counting how many they can throw into the water butt. The tree stumps and fallen trees

have given the children fantastic spaces to climb, balance and create their own imaginative role play scenarios such as travelling by train and bus to places such as the beach and the Zoo. All of this provides the group with a deeper understanding of children's experiences and backgrounds and chance to immerse themselves in retelling what they have learned.