• Emma Simpson

Christmas at Pippins

December has been such a busy month we have been preparing lots of sparkly crafts for our friends and families and practicing our First nativity. The children have been showing lots of confidence while practicing the songs and words ready to tell the audience the very special story of when baby Jesus was born. Mummy’s and Daddy’s have been practicing the songs at home, we’ve enjoyed getting lots of feedback on how the children have been practicing in the bath, shower and in the car. When the big day finally arrived we were so proud of all of our children, they all transformed into their characters by putting on their costumes and then went to the stage where they all stood and sang and waved. It was a fun performance as you never know how it’s going to go, standing in front of an audience can be a very daunting experience so some of us got a little bit shy but the audience didn’t mind in fact they thought it was a bit funny. As a reward for all of their hard work the children had a party on the last day of term where we played games ate a yummy party lunch of fish fingers and chips followed by a choc ice. The icing on the cake was a visit from Santa who very kindly gave us all an early chocolatey Christmas present. The children chatted to him about if they were on the good list and gave a few hints about what they would like him to bring them on Christmas Eve.