• Emma Simpson

A Splashing walk in the Spring sunshine

The children went for a welly walk around the orchard. Lots has happened in the orchard recently, so we have lots to explore.

Not only does it give us forever changing signs in the environment to observe, such as the frost in the mornings and the buds shooting on the branches of the hedgerows and the trees in the orchard, but also the chance for the children to touch the wool the sheep have left behind on the fence and discover new learning through all of their senses.

On our walk the children climbed on the fallen tree, displaying good strength and co-ordination to move among the different shapes and heights of the branches. They took controlled risks to step across logs, making their own risk assessments as they went along. Some of the children lowered themselves into the holes where the roots had lifted out of the ground and found insects and worms. The children chatted about where they live and what they like.

The highlight for many was the discovery of the biggest muddy puddle they had ever seen!!!!! at the top of the orchard. The children started to walk slowly through watching the water lap at the top of their wellies, this swiftly moved on to braver moves such as running, throwing in objects to discover if the would float, sink or make the biggest splash!

Lastly the children lost all of their inhibitions and began jumping from the high sides of the water. The frenzy of happiness and laughter was infectious.