Parent Information

Parent and Tot Group  


We run a parent and tots group on a Wednesday morning from 9.30am (although parents who are dropping their children at school are very welcome to come early). The group runs alongside the childrens daily routine at Pippins and includes a range of play opportunities for the children to choose from. We advise children come prepared for both indoor and outdoor play and are okay to get messy (if they choose to). The group is a great way to familiarise children and their families with the preschool if they choose to attend at any point. It’s also a lovely opportunity for parents to socialise, enjoy a hot drink and discuss any concerns or ideas with the team at Pippins.

Parent Partnership

As practitioners, we build up expertise in how young children learn and how each child shows preference to learning. But we understand it is the parent who knows their child best, and unless there is a sharing of information between practitioners and parents, a child's learning needs will be neither fully understood nor, ultimately, met. We feel a trusting and warm relationship between a child’s carer and parents begins when they first meet us, and it is crucial that, from the start, parents understand that we value their knowledge and understanding of their child.

Allocating each child a key person is one of the ways we support this. Shortly after a child starts with us we will discuss with parents who will be their key person. Although the team all play a vital part in providing a warm and loving environment where the children feel safe and secure, the role of the key person is to customise opportunities and learning to meet their own individual needs.


Drop-off and pick-up times allow a culture of informal information sharing to develop, this is a crucial time to find out those interesting events that have taken place on the weekends, evenings and holidays. These are important to us as they can inform us on why children may behave differently or develop a certain interest.


Although parent’s evenings are planned throughout the year for a formal update on children’s progress our online learning journeys are updated every half term to inform parents of their child’s learning and development too. We like to encourage all parents to contribute to these journeys with events and experiences from home, holidays and days out. This also contributes to customising the child’s learning experiences at Pippins.

“Each child must be assigned a key person. Their role is to help ensure that every child’s care is tailored to meet their individual needs to help the child become familiar with the setting, offer a settled relationship for the child and build a relationship with their parents.”